Leading the market

Redefining health through Advanced Genetic Therapeutics, Tissue Regeneration and Reversal of Arteriosclerosis

Adopted a fresh operating philosophy from the beginning — one based on a goal of building a broad technology platform aimed at gene repair and modulating regenerative pathways to improve patient health. As an independent and management-controlled company, Epigeneres has capitalized on the ability to execute a unique, long-term vision. Innovation remains the cornerstone of our company as we discover and develop a diverse

set of drugs and re-engineered neutraceutical candidates. Our integrated approach begins in our lab, continues into clinical studies, and extends into commercialization (See Pipeline). As we make further progress in the clinic, we continue to invest in early-stage discovery and research capabilities, broadening not only our Intellectual Property, but also the list of therapeutic applications in which our underlying know-how can be deployed to achieve significant clinical impact.


Epigeneres is a leader in medical research and development for gene solutions in humans. Gene therapy is the therapeutic delivery of nucleic acid polymers targeting a patient's gene protein triggering changes in the gene expressions and/or activating the silent genes. This then results in direct therapeutic effects leading to prevention or cure of diseases. With our platform's origins in a nano-particle based delivery mechanism (See Technology), we develop therapeutics to address a range of degenerative diseases, regenerative medicine and oncology. Our studies centre around molecules that target specific genes.


Epigeneres is a leader in development for tissue-level regeneration. Regenerative medicine is a branch of translational research in tissue engineering and molecular biology which deals with the process of replacing, engineering or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs to restore or establish normal function. With our platform's origins in small molecule-based Wnt pathway modulation (See Technology), we develop therapeutics to address a range of topical and oral products to address this issue and improve the health of organs and tissues and therefore patients.


Epigeneres is a leader in the development of decalcification technologies leading to reversal of artereosclorosis. Artereosclorosis is the narrowing of the lumen of large and medium-sized arteries due to the formation of plaque on the inner lining of the blood vessel. These result in pathogenesis (development) of arteriosclerosis. We take inspiration from Ayurved which has characterized this as a huge issue especially in the functioning of the pineal gland and other organs.