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Epigeneres seeks to develop products that represent advancements by offering enhanced modes of delivery, more convenient treatment regimens, improved resistance profiles, reduced side effects and greater efficacy. We have developed technologies in genetic

therapeutics and regenerative medicines which are world class. Epigeneres is rapidly and efficiently making scientific and clinical advancements that raise the standard for new therapeutics that prevent and/or treat diseases.

1 Lipid Health Increase in HDL & reduction in triglycerides, VLDL & LDL
2 Diabetes Management Reduction in Homa Index, insulin resistance and blood sugar levels
3 Infertility (Women) Increase in AMH (Anti mullerian hormone), Estradiol, DHEA & Testosterone
4 InfertilityTreatment (Men) Increase DHEA, Testosterone & Estradiol. Anecdotal studies showing increase in sperm count
5 Healthy Heart Regulates ejection fraction and reduces homocysteine levels. Research indicates reduction in Homocysteine levels reduces paralysis and is very useful for morbid obesity as well
6 Healthy Liver Regulates SGPT, GGTP, Bilirubin levels. It also improves the Lipid profile.
7 Healthy Kidney Decrease in Blood Urea Nitrogen, Serum Uric Acid and Creatinine levels.
8 Sports supplement Increase in DHEA, testosterone and reduction in Insulin resistance. Anecdotal studies indicated an increase in energy levels.
9 Topical resveratrol Solution Improves skin health, psoriasis relief, reduces insulin resistance


We are committed to helping people get access to Epigeneres products whenever possible. Epigeneres Access Solutions offers coverage support, patient assistance, and other useful information to help you along the way.

We offer a full range of programs and services to meet the needs of patients and are here to help when one of our medicines is prescribed.


Epigeneres Access Solutions can help you manage payments for your prescribed Epigeneres products. We can work with you and your doctor to find an affordable solution for you.


We have been providing assistance to patients since our first product was approved in 2010. We have worked in government hospitals with doctors to help patients that are not able to pay for medication. We have either identified donors or provided our products at no cost or significantly discounted costs to people.


At Epigeneres, our focus is on enrolling patients in clinical trials to obtain the data required for review and approval by regulatory authorities.

Approval by regulatory authorities around the globe is the only way to make medicines broadly available to patients by prescription by a qualified healthcare provider. Therefore, our focus is in the best interest of the majority of patients with a serious disease who require treatment.

We recognize that some patients with serious or immediately life-threatening diseases may not be eligible for any clinical trials and may not have other options.

In rare circumstances, Epigeneres may provide patients with access to unapproved or investigational medicines outside the clinical trials process. Patients may gain access to unapproved or investigational medicines through clinical trials, LIV access programs run by the company under a defined protocol or compassionate use.


LIV Access Programs

In some cases we have access programs that we will run in consultation with doctors where a regulatory framework exists. If you are looking at advise on how to access our

products for your specific ailment, and if you meet the protocol inclusion criteria, you should work with your doctor to enter that protocol.

Compassionate Use

If you are seeking access to an investigational medicine via CU, follow these steps:

Write to us at with (CU-REQUEST) to provide preliminary information and discuss the potential options, including eligibility for any ongoing clinical trials. This call can be made by the patient, doctor or caregiver.

Have the patient's qualified treating doctor make a formal request. The request for access to an Epigeneres investigational medicine can only be considered if the patient's qualified treating doctor makes a request and is committed to, and supportive of, the requested treatment.


We offer a full range of programs and services to help make sure price is not a barrier to access for patients.

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