“The only real cure for cancer is early detection.”

- Dr V. K. Tripathi, Founder of Epigeneres

Epigeneres, together with Tzar Labs, has co-developed a novel diagnostic tool for distant prediction of cancer, even at asymptomatic early stages, with very high sensitivity .

Our diagnostic tool can achieve the following:

  • Our HrC test is a single blood test that can detect all cancers, including solid, haematological and soft tissue sarcomas.
  • We can detect cancer very early, prior to tumour formation, at pre-stage 1 (stage 0) and stage 1.
  • Our test is highly accurate, with our initial 1000 patient study showing over 99% accuracy.
  • Our test is the first cancer prognostic blood test. In addition to being able to determine that a person does not have cancer, we can also determine the risk that a patient may develop cancer in the next 12 months.

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