What is the HrC Test? What does it do?
HrC is a simple blood test through which we can:
1) Confirm absence of cancer
2) Indicate risk of cancer presence (Negligible, Low, Medium, or High in Asymptomatic Healthy Individuals)
3) Indicate risk of cancer recurrence (in Cancer Survivors)
What are the eligibility requirements? Who can and cannot do the test?
The eligibility requirements to take the test include:
  • You should be over 18 years of age
  • You should not be pregnant or breast feeding
  • You should not be on any steroids.
  • You should not be on any hormone medication.
  • You should not have had any blood transfusion in the two weeks prior to choosing your
  • Date of testing.
  • You should not be on your periods.
  • You should not have a severe infection at the time of doing the test.
I am a heavy smoker. Can I do this test?
Yes, smokers can take the HrC test.
I am breast feeding. Can I give my blood for testing?
Women who are breast feeding are advised not to do the test.
How will I get my report?
You will receive an email and an SMS informing you of that the report has been completed. You will receive a soft copy of the report via your email. As such, please do ensure that the email address you give us is correct.
What is the price of the test?
The cost of the test is Rs. 14,000/- inclusive of all taxes.
How can I make the payment? Do you take cash?
We only take payments via our website at the time of booking your test. We do not accept payments in cash.
Can I make the payment after taking the test?
We will need the payment in advance. We do not offer a credit facility.
"Do you offer a group/corporate discount?"
"Yes we do offer group/corporate discount. Please contact us at and we will get back to you with more information."
How do I make a booking?
A booking can be made by clicking on the “Book an HrC test” button on the top of this page.

When making a booking on our site, you may be required to upload relevant medical reports. The website will have detailed instructions on how to go about it.
My report says I am at low/medium/high risk. What should I do next?
We will have our Doctor Counsellor call you to explain the next steps.
How often should I take this test?
The frequency of when to repeat the test will depend on your score. If the test confirms an absence of cancer, this test can be repeated annually. In case the score is higher and hence indicates a degree of risk, then it is advisable to repeat the test after a shorter interval. Cancer survivors who are concerned as about the recurrence of cancer may also choose to take the test at shorter intervals. Non-cancer patients may choose to make this test part of their annual health check-up and as such take the test once a year.

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